Northwest Cougs

The Northwest Cougar (NW COUGS) youth football and cheer is a football team for young and aspiring kids whose dream is to be featured in the football game, that is, to play professional football for males and females and to be a cheerleader for their team for the females. Created by Marcus Levon Trufant, who also played professional football for the Seattle Seahawks for ten years, the NW COUGS youth football and cheer, was created in order to give back to the community, what they gave to him while he was growing up

Located in Tacoma, this non-profit organization owned by Marcus Trufant helps kids with realizing their career dreams as they will get to know everything about football right from their young days. The program is dedicated to helping every kid grow with discipline, achieve their dreams and believe in themselves, especially for military kids whose father are out saving the country, being the hero that they are and are usually not around to see them play.

Trufant is dedicated to creating memories the kids will have in their mind for a long time, similar to the way he remembers most of the camps he attended while growing up. At an interview, Trufant said he wanted the kids to be like “I remember when I was in the third grade and Marcus Trufant tried to strip the ball from me – that made me want to play more”. Trufant loves and has never forgotten his roots, maybe that’s why he’s dedicated to making sure kids from the area where he grew up also turn out to be successful like he is. The father of five, who lives with his wife and kids in Newcastle, said spending more time in the community and extending the horizon of his non-profit organization “the Trufant Family Foundation” is what he wanted to do, after he retired from football.





Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


815 S. 28th st

Tacoma, WA 98409

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